Our Story

Marvais is the brainchild of two lifelong friends, Marie Libeert and Valérie Vanermen, who share a passion for creation, invention and design in all its forms. But it was the desire to see their own imaginations come to life that sparked this new venture.

Marvais bags are first and foremost an embodiment of their taste, created for their type of woman. She is not defined by age, but rather by her vibrant spirit and the easy way she can pull off any look. A trendsetter, she never goes unnoticed, with effortlessly curated outfits and unaffected elegance. She is smart and slightly offbeat, never taking herself too seriously.

Designed in Belgium, Marvais bags are made from the finest materials and are impeccably detailed by the best in the industry, hitting that elusive balance between edginess and restraint. The mix of colours and textures in iconic and intriguingly simple shapes make them the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

It started with a friendship, a mutual understanding and aspiration, blossoming into a partnership with all the ease and authenticity that would eventually define the product. The Marvais brand reflects the unexpected joy of discovering something new, only to realize that it was exactly what you had wanted all along.